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What is Big Orange Heart?

Big Orange Heart is a community for remote professionals. There has never been a time more attuned to remote working than the year 2020. It transformed us. In addition to that, it also changed the fact that individuals can come online and accomplish tasks for which we were commuting for better part of our lives. Most of the time professionals spend copious amount of their lives to commute, and other miscellaneous mundane routine that could be entirely avoided. That’s not all.

The acceptance of remote working has never been embraced like 2020. Many companies are going remote for an indefinite time. For example, see social media giants like twitter for example. But the catch here is online fatigue.

Remote Working Gets Lonely

Remote Working
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Remote working has been a boon, but just like every coin has two sides, so does the life of a remote working professional. There are tons of professionals with bright stories on remote working ensuring they reached the pinnacle of their professional productivity. But, there are even bigger number of folks struggling to keep a balance between professional and personal life. It gets lonely.

The WordPress community is made up of freelancers, consultants, web developers, designers, agencies and many more, using the WFH model. But, without the traditional interaction with co-workers and colleagues, the WFH model can be tough.

If one thing 2020 has exposed is the urban loneliness of professionals. Even the most introverted felt the pang of acute loneliness. Furthermore, it underlined the importance of social interaction.

The Urban Loneliness of Professionals

The fast pace of the distributed workforce is gaining popularity for companies of all sizes. That’s why the Work From Home (WFH) style of working is now commonplace. WFH model can offer individuals flexibility, greater freedoms and allow companies to hire without discriminating based on location. But, it also presents new challenges and responsibilities for both the individual and the employing company.

Mental Health Matters – Big Orange Heart

2020 has been a disaster for many. Covid-19 has changed the way corporations look at their talent. From freezing recruitments, halting promotions to the mindless firing of professionals – 2020 has shaken the corporate world to its core.

The mental health of professionals has never been disastrous. You cannot open your professional social platform without feeling anxiety. In addition to that everyday reading about tremendous number of people share their stories on the impact of Covid-19 is saddening.

The abrupt shift from working with colleagues to working at home has come with challenges.

Similarly, folks not used to remote working will tell you it’s difficult to distinguish between work and personal space. Especially when the set up is made in haste. A space that keeps you connected is nothing short of a boon.

Introducing Big Orange Heart – Bridging the Gap & Building Connections

The world’s first peer support community dedicated to remote workers Big Orange Heart provides access, well-being support and a thriving community.

A global community covering 93 territories, Big Orange Heart supports distributed teams and remote workers.

Big Orange Heart Remote Workers
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Big Orange Heart Offers

  • Coaching &Mentoring Calls
  • Free 1-on-1 video calls tailored for you.
  • Speak one-on-one with our team, securely and confidentially.

Webinars & Workshops

  • Practice webinars focused on your needs.
  • Develop practical life and business skills in our interactive sessions.

Resource Library

  • Free resources to support your well-being.
  • Access articles, videos and tutorials with actionable advice and guidance.
  • And much much more.

A WP&UP survey reflects 64% of respondents stated they felt “mental health” was an area in which they wanted additional support. With this change in working patterns and environments, we are seeing an increase in people from the global WordPress community openly acknowledging they are experiencing mental health issues linked to isolation.

WP&UP recognizes the challenges, not only for those trying to run their own businesses but also from all the related activities which can contribute to the onset of mental ill-health.

The in-person events, training, mentorship, support services and coaching WP&UP tackles these issues through our four Health Hubs: Skills Health, Business Health, Physical Health and Mental Health. All equally important to support a well-balanced member of the WordPress community.

Join Big Orange Heart, and join the mission to support & promote positive mental health within the WordPress community.

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